Super Simple Contact Form

We use a module called "Super Simple Contact Form" for thecontact page.  You will see how easy and simple it functions, and its a free module that comes packaged with the template. Mangy thanks to Standard Company who created this excellent module.

DJ Image Slider

This template uses the DJ Image slider component for the homepage slideshow. This highly recommended extension is very highly customizable and can also display a number of images at once. This is one of only 3 additional extensions required for this fantastic feature packed yet easy to use template.


The majority of the images used in this template are available and free to use as public domain images or from the Wikipedia Commons project. The images on the homepage are NOT free and require purchase from Shutterstock or other agencies. The homepage images are not included in this template and are replaced. If you wish to enquire about the availability of any of the images used in this template demo please get in touch.

Sigplus Image Gallery

For the Photo Gallery page of this website we use an excellent plugin called Sigplus Image Gallery. This makes it easy to get a beautiful photo gallery working in just a few steps in under 5 minutes. If you want more information on this plugin visit the extension page on the Joomla directory. Instructions on using this Plugin are also found in the user manual that comes with this template.

SP Accordian

The SP Accordian is the module we use for the Frequently Asked Questions. Hats off to the developers of this fantastic and easy to use module, which features different styles. Seelct the "Simple" style for the Joomzilla customised layout.

JUX Timeline

The timeline effect you see on the homepage is all down to the JUX Timeline module, which can be downloaded from the JUX website. It allows for an effective and interactive timeline/milestone style feature to display your company's progress or goals. 

TSI Animated Numbers

On the homepage you will see a sectin with incrementing numbers. This is a module we use on this template thanks to the developer Pawel Nosko, titled TSI Animated Numbers. This easy to use and free module allows you to feature a range of numbers with a nice effect. 

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