SP Accordian

On the FAQs page you will see an accordian style layout. This is created using the SP Accordian Joomla module. It is very configurable and there is some custom Joomzilla styling applied by default.

Owl Carousel

The module displays Joomla articles in a nice carousal format. In the demo you will see this on the homepage. This module uses Owl Carousel jQuery plugin. Automatically adapts to any device. You can find out more about this module by going to the developers website http://www.ext-joom.com/


The majority of the images used in this template are available and free to use as public domain images or from the Wikipedia Commons project. The images on the homepage are NOT free and require purchase from Shutterstock or other agencies. The homepage images are not included in this template and are replaced. If you wish to enquire about the availability of any of the images used in this template demo please get in touch.

Sigplus Image Gallery

For the Photo Gallery page of this website we use an excellent plugin called Sigplus Image Gallery. This makes it easy to get a beautiful photo gallery working in just a few steps in under 5 minutes. If you want more information on this plugin visit the extension page on the Joomla directory. Instructions on using this Plugin are also found in the user manual that comes with this template.

SP Tweet

SP Tweet is an excellent Joomla module that allows you to easily display a Twitter Feed on your website. This extension comes from Joomshaper and is available for download at JoomShaper.com. You will see this module working on our demo on the "Alternate Home " page



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